Welcome to Otakuland, Germany

Tiita still rules. ^_^

Now some real anime Home Pages would be the ones by Hitoshi Doi or Hiroyuki Hironaga.

Another good link would be the Anime and Manga Resources List.

For some more details about anime in Germany check out Taro Rehrl's nice Anime & Manga page.

For some really nice fanart pictures and lots of useful things like the Dragon Half manga translations go looking on the homepage of the lovely and talented Zahara Medina.
A nice and rather unique (though most of my scans have found their way to other sites by now) anime archive can be found on fsp.swb.de or ftp.swb.de. Please don't overtax this server if you want to keep it around, as I said most of the stuff can also be found on systems with a better connection...

I also run a few anime/manga related mailing lists on lists.swb.de. they are:

Send mail to majordomo@lists.swb.de. with a body consisting just of the word "help" to get more informations about this and how to subscribe.

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