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AMIE, monthly girl's comic magazine

Amie Jul'98

Please note, that as of March 1999, this page will no longer be updated. Also, Amie magazine stopped its publication in July 1998, please, do not send me emails asking me how to subscribe to this magazine, it no longer exists!

Welcome to this page dedicated to the monthly shoujo comic magazine published by Kodansha called Amie.
Amie started its live on Febrary of 1997 and finished on July 1998, and it was aimed at the girls that grew up reading the Nakayoshi (famous for having published mangas like Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth or Kaitou Saint Tail), so it was considered her older sister.

Some quite famous mangakas have colaborated in the Amie, such as Naoko Takeuchi, CLAMP or Narumi Kakinouchi. The two most popular manga that ever run in this magazine were Clover and Nervous Venus.
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Titles included in these pages:

  • Nervous Venus
  • Clover
  • Kakutoukomusume JULINE
  • Kiss no Jiyou
  • Kare wa Carism
  • Telescope Diaries
  • Rain Kiss


For Nervous Venus, please visit it's own page.


Fuu-chan, has been very nice and kind by letting me put her very good translations of the first 3 Clover tankoubon.

ISBN numbers:
[Vol.1] ISBN4-06-340001-8 (571 Y)
[Vol.2] ISBN4-06-340002-6 (571 Y)
[Vol.3] ISBN4-06-340018-2 (571 Y)

[Kakutoukomusume JULINE]

ISBN numbers:
[Vol.1] ISBN4-06-340005-9 (476 Y)
[Vol.2] ISBN4-06-340014-X (476 Y)
[Vol.3] ISBN4-06-340022-0 (476 Y)
[Vol.4] ISBN4-06-340028-X (476 Y)

Juline vol.1 Cover Juline vol.2 Cover Juline vol.3 Cover Juline vol.4 Cover

[Kiss no Jiyou (by Tsunami UMINO)]

ISBN numbers:
[only volume] ISBN4-06-340010-7 (476 Y)

Kiss of Life

[Kare wa Carism (by Tsunami UMINO)]

ISBN numbers:
[Vol.1] ISBN4-06-340006-9 (476 Y)
[Vol.2] ISBN4-06-340017-4 (476 Y)

Carism vol.1 Carism vol.2

[Telescope Diaries (by Tsunami UMINO)]

ISBN numbers:
[Vol.1] ISBN4-06-340023-9 (476 Y)

Telescope Diaries vol.1 Cover

Rain Kiss: (by Naoko TAKEUCHI)

Alex Glover has translated this short story that appeared in the Amie of March'97 and has kindly let me put it in here. Thank you very much! All the comments about the translation should go to him ^^
"Rain Kiss" was released in the second compilation of her short stories called "Prism Time" (vol.2) along with her earliest works. The "Rain Kiss" translation can be downloaded in two versions, html one and plain text ^^

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