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Welcome to the Dragon Half manga translations page! ^^

Here you'll find translations made by me, Joshua Lesnick and a number of contributors.

Important note! If you get the spanish publication, you will find that most background phrases and FX are deleted or added in other bubbles, also in some parts, the bubble contents have been changed their order in a way that doesn't match the original in mood nor in story. Why this chages or deletings have been made escapes from our imagination (in some points these changes destroy the mood and joke of that square).

These translations are fan-made, they're not for profit and only for personal use as an aid for understandind the manga better if you don't understand japanese (or spanish) ^^ We know there will be errors though we tryed our best, if you find any, please report to us, any help is apreciated! ^^ Thanks to Mina for the scan and info of the Dragon Half Trilogy vol.1 tankobon! :D
The translations are in .TXT format.
Trilogy translations by Mr. Asada, revised versions by Josh ^^

Manga ordering info
Ryuusuke Mita FAQ (alive once again ^^)

Manga vol.1 cover


Part 1: King Siva scheme.
Part 2: The longing for the knight Dick Saucer.
Part 3: Enter perfect princess Vina.
Part 4: The Legendary potion of Pido.

Manga vol.1 back cover

Triology versions. Contains:
Re-edition of the Dragong Half manga, with an illustration gallery. Ordering info here ^^
Dragon Half Trilogy vol.1 cover
 All Parts. (parts 01-20)
Dragon Half Trilogy vol.2 cover
 All Parts. (parts 21-40)
 Part 21.  (revised version)
Dragon Half Trilogy vol.3 cover
 All Parts. (parts 41-End)


Curtis H. Hoffmann translations and Guide ^^ :

These are translations and synopsis of chapters from the last 3 vols. These are made based on when Dragon Half was serialized in the Dragon Magazine fantasy, RPG and manga monthly ^^ Please, read the headers!
These are versions adapted to HTML format, click on the names to access the chapters, click on the icons to access the bigger images ^^ Lots of thanks to Curtis for letting me put here his works! ^^

Dragon Half Guide.

Vol.5 cover


Part 45
Part 49
Part 50

Vol.5 back
Vol.6 cover


Part 51
Part 52

Vol.6 back
Vol.7 cover


Part 61
Part 62
Part 63
Part 64
Part 65: Mata ne! See you later! - Final...

Vol.7 back
All images © copyright Ryusuke Mita.

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