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     Dragon Half is a very silly manga that has been serialized in the Japanese _Dragon_ magazine (not to be confused with the TSR Dragon magazine.) Dragon is dedicated to role playing games, and has occasional features on computer games, and run-downs on the manga it serializes. However, there hasn't been a character guide for Dragon Half, printed in Dragon, for some time (if ever.) So, this document is aimed at helping out readers new to one of the silliest, yet brilliantly drawn, manga available currently. It also contains something of a story summary as the action gets a little more tied up with character development near the middle.

     (NOTE: Dragon has also serialized Atlas of Replay, Possession Tracer, and Rune Masquer -- ALL of which are above average manga. Also, Rune Masquer has been collected into one manga volume, and Dragon Half has been collected into 6 volumes. There will be a volume 7 in 1995. However, Dragon Half has ended as of the June 1994 issue of Dragon.)

Volume 1       Mink   Waga   Rufa   Pia   Rouce   Mana   Siva   The Temple Girl Twins   Dick Saucer   Rozario   Perfect Princess Vena   Zug   Venus   Mario   Peach   Link   Dama Rama   Horned innkeeper   Hydra Dragon   Starman   Mappy   Azatodeth
Volume 2       Adol   Siren   Taco   Beraudo (Blood?)   Old woman   Jackson (?)   Gai   Mr. X   D. Fin   Dagu   Pam   Balrog   Dancing King Hearterg (Haatoerugu)
Volume 3       Gya   Gason   Lora (or Lola)   Copian   War Cat   Beraudo G (Great Blood)   Heavy Dama Rama   Shimon Delamonte   Ralph   Mega-Mink   Dedorai-sama (Could also be Deadly-sama, or Deidre-sama)   Vampire Gya   Neo-Mink   Ars   Namaz Prince   Merami Frea   Bufu Earoga   Beautiful Jiisanz   Mig   Rogue
Volume 4       Pseudo-Mink   Magical Yone   Kubis Salamander   Meatball monsters   Rouce
Volume 5       Rosa and Lydia   Sea King   Sea Queen   The Fake Dick Saucer   Sonic   The God of Fire   The God of Thunder   The sludge monster   The demonic Mig   The new Dama Rama   Petit Cathy   Paul   Azatodeth's private receptionist   Nibble 08
Volume 6       Balconte   The 3 Cats   Yuja-san   Dark Cherry   Apple   Titan
Volume 7    

Characters listed in order of appearance, starting with volume 1, up to volume 6.
(PC == Prime Characteristics.)

Volume 1

The heroine. A young half-girl, half-kaiser dragon, that is out in search of adventure, and a potion that will turn her permanently human. She is enamoured with Dick Saucer, a pop-idol singer and dragon-slayer. Mink is a very good fighter with a sword, her fists, and her tail (she also occasionally breathes fire.) She and her companions (Rufa and Pia) will usually eat whatever enemy attacks them. Her prime foes are Princess Vena and her father, The Great Demon Lord, and Dick Saucer. Mink is basically a sweet, honest girl.
PC Skimpy clothing, long red hair, and a dragon tail, and (occasionally) small wings at her shoulder blades. She starts out with only one horn on each side of her head, right around her temples.

An assassin sent by Siva to kill Rouce and Mink. Has eyestalks that shoot from his chest. Dies, and is not seen again.

Rufa is a magic-using elf. But not a very good one. She is the main comic relief, and is very sexually active without caring much about who her partner is (she'd like to play with Mink, but Mink isn't interested. Otherwise, she will target strong, athletic, rich, young men.) She is shown once or twice to be an incredible masochist for physical pain. When she finds a lightning wand, we discover just how bad her aim really is. She is usually well-meaning, but has a cruel streak, and absolutely no tact. Rufa's prime foes are herself, and Mappy.
PC Shoulder-length blond hair, skimpy leather armor, and long pointy ears. Constantly seen either running from danger or tormenting Pia.

A young boy that goes everywhere with Rufa and Mink. He is training to be a fighter, but is rarely shown actually using his sword. Pia would love nothing more than to go romping with Mappy (his pet mouse) and Mink. ("Romping" includes slaying big, terrible monsters.) Pia's prime foe is Rufa.
PC Blue armor, brown hair held in a long pony-tail, and (later) a space-age helmet.

Mink's human father. Rouce was once a master swordsman, then got married to Mana. Now, he is a lecherous middle-aged man, and the constant target of Mana's fury. He will hit on any attractive female, even when his wife is watching. This is one of the many reasons why he and Mana are constantly fighting. Rouce is also a coward. He hates getting into combat, but is still very loyal to his wife and daughter when they really need him. Rouce's prime foes are himself and Mana.
PC Short, wavy black hair, moustache, well-dressed, and either battered and bruised by Mana, or sticking his leering face into some woman's breasts.

Mink's Kaiser Dragon mother. Little mention is made as to exactly what sets kaiser dragons apart from normal dragons, other than they can shape-change into human form (at least, Mana does) and that they are much stronger than other kinds of dragons. Mana is very concerned about Mink's welfare, and would rather that Mink not try killing the Great Demon Lord all by herself. (A kaiser dragon village is shown later on, but none of the dragons ever take human form at that time.) Mana's prime foe is Rouce.
PC Either appears as a big dragon (especially when breathing flame on Rouce,) or as a slim woman with long blond hair, and webbed ears.

Although Siva's picture appears early on, Siva himself doesn't. Siva is the main king in this region, and seems to have some kind of relationship with Mink's parents. He is constantly spying on those two, and seems to automatically hate Mink. When in his castle, Siva loves pulling on cords and dropping concrete blocks on people's heads. He is very hateful and vindictive, but also rather incompetent. Seems to be carrying a crush for Mana, and may hate Rouce for getting to Mana first. His prime foes are Mink, and Mink's friends and companions. And his daughter.
PC Short, fat, with a pentagram engraved on his forehead.

The Temple Girl Twins
AKA the Temple Women. Two identical young women employed by Siva to keep the castle clean. They also act as Vena's handmaids, and chorusline.
PC Turbans, long black hair, and identical faces. Usually looking demur and happy with whatever they're doing, unless they are squabbling with each other.

Dick Saucer
First appears on TV, then on magazine covers. He is a very popular teen idol, and is rather vain. A very good fighter who hates dragons (his parents were killed by a kaiser dragon named Titan.) He sings, and performs in commercials for Lightning Chocolate. His first commission from Siva is to kill Mink. Saucer can not accept the fact that Mink is a dragon-half, which is why Mink wants to become human. He falls in love with Lora.
PC Long, flowing blond hair, terrific body, and fancy cloth armor. And various fans asking for his autograph.

Techno-wizard that works for Siva, occasionally as an advisor. He comes up with many plans and devices that almost always back-fire on him through sheer incompetence. Otherwise, they backfire through plain bad luck. His first attempt to capture Mink includes putting two Dick Saucer rock concert tickets on the end of a fish line, and hiding behind a bush. When Mink refuses to pick the tickets up, he resorts to shooting her with a knock-out dart from a blowgun.
PC Embroidered black wizard's robe and hood. Often has concrete blocks fall on him.

Perfect Princess Vena
Vena is also a half-human, on her father's side. Her father is Siva, and she acts just as spoiled and emperious as one might expect. She is very attractive, and loves skimpy clothing with an S&M flair. Her mother is Venus, a slime. When hit hard enough, Vena will revert to a slime, and needs to cast a spell on herself to turn human again. She is a magic user, and usually fails in her plans simply because Mink is stronger than she is. Vena's prime foe is Mink. She first meets Mink when Mink is trying to get into a Dick Saucer concert with forged tickets given to her by Siva. When Vena tries to eject Mink, Mink destroys Vena's earth golem. From there, the conflict escalates to all-out war. She gets a sword through her chest, and claims that it'll take more than that to kill her.
PC Long, fluffy hair, skimpy armor, and usually announces herself as "Perfect Princess Vena." Always attacks Mink.

Cyclops lizard with spikes for arms. Another of Siva's assassins, that dies when it thinks one of Vena's assassin's is actually Mink. Both assassins become supper for Mink and friends.

A slime. Slimes, in this case are Hershey Kisses with eyes. When he was a young man, Siva happened across a family of slimes, and promised to turn one (Venus) human with "Vido Potion." (When Mink hears of this Vido Potion, she tries to track it down, so that she can become human, and have a happy life with Saucer.) After Venus becomes human, she marries Siva, and they have one baby-- a slime named Vena. I'm unclear as to Venus' final fate, since she doesn't actually figure into the story.

Pia's father; a dwarve that is prone to fainting spells when told bad news, or bad jokes.
PC Short, squat, with a moustache and spiked helmet.

Pia's mother, difficult to say what race, but probably human. Also subject to fainting spells (when they first appear, Mario and Peach are keeping track, to see who faints the most.)
PC Willowy, dark-short haired woman with a headband, and dewy-moist eyes.

Rufa's elven father. Just as magically incompetent as his daughter. We never see his wife, but he does appear later with a willowy girlfriend.
PC Pointy ears, long blond hair, and a perpetually confused look on his face.

Dama Rama
An increasingly unlucky warrior. He first appears as a strapping human hulk riding Rashii (a winged fish-dragon.) Each time he gets defeated, he gets parts of his body replaced with sheet metal. In his latest appearance in Dragon magazine, he is just a head, with tiny metal feet, and a cuisinart blade on the top of his skull.
PC Massive stupidity, and a square chin.

Horned innkeeper
A shape-changing monster that runs an inn to feed himself. Name does not seem to be given. When defeated, he gives Mink a chest that contains a lightning wand that Rufa takes. He dies when, instead of saying that Mink is cute, he calls her a monster. Does not appear again.

Hydra Dragon
Vena's three-headed dragon assassin. Is killed when it becomes hungry and mistakes Saucer as supper.

Wizard-hermit that tells Mink about the Great Demon Lord, Azatodeth. Doesn't appear later. Has a star on his forehead, and ragged robes. To help Mink locate Azatodeth's island, Starman gives her Mappy.

A mouse that can find the Demon King's island. Mappy looks more like a gerbil with a poodle-tail, and can transform itself into a 8-foot tall giant were-gerbil with huge fangs and teeth when Pia is threatened. Pia has claimed Mappy as a pet, and they are very happy together. Prime foes are Rufa, and over-sized cats.

The Great Demon Lord. He loves killing people, and ordering his troops of monsters around. He is usually shown only as an illustration as people talk about his crimes against them. Has at least three sons, and a lover that lives in a maze of underground caves. No known prime foes.
PC He's pretty easy to recognize. Has three eyes.

Volume 2

Orange-haired, strapping young man that spends a lot of time on the beach.

A green-haired mermaid in love with Adol, and abducted by Taco.

Big red octopus in Azatodeth's employ. Tells Mink about the potion. (Taco == Octopus.) Is terrified by the carnivourous Mappy, and cooked by Mink.

Beraudo (Blood?)
Walking spiny plant that initially plans on destroying Mink, until it realizes that it is 10 times smaller than Mink. First defeated when Vena steps on it by mistake. Can defeat ladybugs with one blow.

Old woman
First appears on page 30. Does not appear later on. This old crone's name never seems to be stated anywhere, but she was once the lover of Starman. A witch, she tells Mink more about Mink's quest.
The Combat: Siva's idea was to stage a combat contest to bring the best fighters together to ultimately kill Mink. Vena decides to join in, so that she'll get the chance to destroy Mink, AND win the first prize. One side loses when the winner places on the other's forehead, a sticker with Siva's face on it.
Jackson (?)
Announcer of the big combat match. A fishman with big eyes, and an even bigger smile.

Stripe-headed warrior that fights against Saucer in the big combat match. Gai wins, because of a fluke. Rosario had given Mink a bottle of poison to drink, but Mink thought was a present, and passed it on to Saucer. Dick gets sick, and defaults the match (spending the rest of the time sitting on a toilet.)

Mr. X
Mink's opponent in the big combat. Mr. X turns out to be Dama Rama, resurrected and given a cyborg body. He survived the last encounter with Mink, when his sword had been shoved into his head because, as it is described normal people have bigger brains, and since his is so much smaller, the sword missed the vital spots. He's defeated this time when his little cyborg Rashii flies in front of one of his missiles and they both blow up.

D. Fin
A triclops initally mistaken for Azatodeth. Cut in two by Dagu.

Offspring of Azatodeth. A little guy, about 3 feet tall, with three eyes, fur, and sharp talons instead of fingers and toes. VERY fast. In the second round, he defeats Vena. In slow-mo replay, within 0.011 seconds, he pulls Vena's cheek, fondles her breast, appears from behind a pillar (waving) 40 feet back, then slices her helmet in two.
The combat, continued:
     In the first round, Gai beats Saucer, Mink beats Dama Rama, D. Fin loses to Dagu, and Vena beats Boo (battle not shown.)
     In the second round, Dagu defeats Vena (which causes Dagu no end of problems when these two meet again later.) And Mink trashes Gai.
     In the final round, Mink punches Dagu into the surrounding moat, then uses Rufa's lightning wand to electrocute him. But, since this IS the offspring of the Great Demon Lord, Dagu doesn't actually die.

On Page 115, note the crowd scene. The most recognizable character is Nayura, from Rune Masquer.

Giant lizard spider that plans to kill Mink, after luring her into the caves. Turns out that Pam has a human (son? lover?) named Teddy, that steps in to save Pam from Mink, and gives Mink a bottle of Vido potion that he was planning on using to turn Pam human. Mink leaves, turning down the potion. Pam is so happy that, out of joy, she hugs Teddy to death (or damned close to it.)

A kidnapper that tries to carry the trio off in a car. The main purpose of this guy is to get the heros to the next castle...

Dancing King Hearterg (Haatoerugu)
Runs an odd kind of love hotel. AKA Hani (Honey). Hani had an argument with his wife 15 years earlier, and she had run into the basement to escape him. However, there was an giant armored knight that then kidnapped her, and overran the castle with monsters. One of the monsters is a snake woman that Mink defeats. This snake falls in love with Mink, and tells her about the Queen's fate (she has been made the mistress of the knight.) Turns out that the knight is actually just a large suit of armor, being run by a midget hiding in one of its feet. The Queen is rescued, and the King gladly welcomes her back. BUT, the argument had been over her rumored infidelity, and the Queen now has a daughter fathered by the midget. The King is expected to expell both the child and the Queen, but he shocks everyone by claiming that the horned kid is "from this day forth, my daughter." Then he does a victory dance. Mink gets a large rock marble and a goblet as a reward. Finally, the castle, which has been floating in the sky all this time, sets down on the planet's surface, since its "super screw propellor" has finally failed. Unfortunately, it sets down on where Siva and Vena are sunbathing.
PC Wears a crown and robes, is bald, has a moustache, and a heart tattoo on his forehead. The Queen has a heart on her forehead. The child has a unicorn horn. The snake woman is very beautiful, dark skinned and with long black hair, and a snake body from the hips down.

Volume 3

A kaiser dragon, that seems to have some relation to Mana, dating back to before Mana married Rouce.) Finally killed by Dick Saucer, who mistakes Gya for Mink. Saucer carves his initial in Gya's chest at the end, after invoking his magic "Saucer Special." However, Gya is brought back by a certain female vampire. When Gya is defeated, Saucer leaves his pendant lying on the ground (it is found by Pia and handed to Mink.)
PC VERY strong, and never affected by anything Mink does. When drawn in chan form, has a dark triangular nose on a white face, and teary, apologetic eyes. And a large 'S' on its chest.

Reporter for Undead Television news. He and his cameraman are covering Saucer's fight with Gya. When he first appears, he hands Mink the wrong business card (the first one is for Akemi-chan, a phone-sex hooker.)
PC A troll with a necktie. His cameraman is a normal human.

Lora (or Lola)
When Vena decides to throw a party at her castle, Mink dresses up in disguise and crashes it. She introduces herself to Saucer as Lora, and the two of them have a wonderful time. Especially when Mink returns the pendant to Dick. However, Vena sees Mink's tail and tries to kill Mink; in the process, Vena freezes all of the guests, and Lora escapes before Saucer can discover that she's actually Mink. In the final assault, Mink throws a statue at Vena, who tries to freeze it. The spell backfires, and Vena succeeds in freezing herself, as she curses Mink's taunting face.
PC Dark hair gathered into a ponytail with a string of pearls, big dewy eyes, and a ballgown. When drawn in chan form, is 30 pounds overweight. Horns don't show.
On page 72, Dagu and Dama Rama are shown combining forces, with Dama Rama now nothing more than a head with springy arms and feet.
First appears as a doctor who is administering to Mink's poison stinger-bite. Then turns out to be the giant scorpion that stung Mink in the first place.

War Cat
While Mink is helpless in Copian's clutches, Pia, Mappy, and Rufa go looking for the cure for the poison. They come across War Cat, who turns out to be a were-human. Rufa keeps War Cat subdued (actually, seduced) to allow Pia and Mappy to continue on.

Beraudo G (Great Blood)
The spiny walking plant is back, and now stands 6 feet tall. However, it succeeds in entangling itself in its own tendrils, and Pia escapes unharmed. The leaf from Blood G is used to cure Mink (done through simple contact of leaf to skin.)

Heavy Dama Rama
Dagu gives Dama Rama a war robot's body. He can now combine with Mecha Rashii Mark II, to become a fighter bomber. But, when Dagu throws a spinning spell, it not only affects Mink and Rufa, but HDR as well. When Dagu casts a levitation spell on a huge boulder to crush Mink, HDR (completely out of control at this point) crashes into Dagu, and the two of them disappear in the explosion of the interrupted spell.

Shimon Delamonte
Another young king. His problem is
his land is covered in zombies. In his possession is a sword useful against vampires (the Minik Cross Sword.) However, no one has been able to remove it from its stone scabbard. The secret to this sword lies in a well occupied by a fish-guardian.
PC Young, attractive, collar-length black hair, and is constantly showering people with gold coins as a reward for the most trivial actions.

Shimon's advisor and aide. And Rufa's next love target. PC
Collar-length light brown hair, cloth head-circlet, young male, and wearing court robes.

This is the first time we see Mink starting to lose control. She becomes incredibly strong and vicious, her eyes look like a snake's, and her fangs grow longer. She can not remember what she has done, when she reverts to normal, but especially enjoys bouncing Pia like a rubber ball. Later, she is told that if this continues unchecked, she will turn into some unbelievably ugly monster (much like what had happened to the kaiser dragon, Titan.) However, she doesn't convert to Mega-Mink at all in Volume 4.

Dedorai-sama (Could also be Deadly-sama, or Deidre-sama)
A female vampire that is first seen only in the shadows as she re-animates Gya. VERY, VERY strong and evil. Was once Azatodeth's consort, and they spent many happy years romping around and killing helpless peasants. Now, she lives in the caves below the mountains, with her four handmaidens.

Vampire Gya
He has returned as one of the undead. The main distingushing marks are the "S" on his chest, and the white headband put on the dead as part of the burial services. Is finally destroyed completely by the Mega-Mink.

As the Mega-Mink exhales a mighty ball of flame to melt Gya, she is transformed to what we now see today. (That is, she has become a little bit more of a monster.) She now has larger leathery wings, and three horns on each side of her head.) She is also a LOT stronger than before.

One of Deidre's handmaidens. This one relies on technology. Her armored suit has field generators for shoulder pads. When she faces Dagu, she defeats him easily. Whenever she meets someone new, she beats them up, and then says, "Pleased to meet you." She succumbs to Mink when, protecting herself with a forcefield from Mink's non-stop dragon flame, her air runs out after 30 minutes.
PC Very attractive, with long, light green hair, a tight-fitting body suit under the skimpy armor, earrings, and a symbol on her forehead and armor plates. (The symbol is circular, with a horizontal line dividing it in two. Near the center, the line forms a little half-circle, dipping downwards. At the center of the symbol is a small black dot.) Is associated with earth.

Namaz Prince
The guardian of the well containing the scroll describing how to remove the Minik Cross Sword from its rock. The Prince is a big fish (head, tail, and all) stuck on top of the lower half of a normal person. He tries using a trident on Mink, but has no effect. He tries body tackling her, and knocks himself out. Does not appear again.

Merami Frea
Another of Deidre's handmaidens. PC
Flowing black hair, soft tight-fitting clothing (skimpy), and a skull-brooch attached to her cloak. The symbol on her forehead is a tear-drop with a one-eyed smiley-face in the center, and two little triangles on either side. Is associated with fire.

Bufu Earoga
Another of Deirde's handmaidens.
PC A fat, vacant-faced blimp that inhales and exhales in huge gusts. Is associated with air (of course.) Her symbol is the inverse of Ars'.

Beautiful Jiisanz
The last of Deidre's handmaidens.
PC A beautiful blond airhead with cat-ears. Her symbol is a heart, and she is associated with water. (Basically, when you get her crying, she will flood a large cavern.)

Son of Azatodeth, and Dagu's brother. Another tricyclops, but actually one of the few good looking ones. He is very strong, and has a wide variety of weird spells that he likes to use. Unfortunately for him, he has one crippling weakness that other characters like to capitalize on: he is still rather young, as far as demons go, and has a teddy bear named Kuma, and wears Kuma-san underwear. This weakness causes him a great many problems.
PC A dark elf in appearance, with black fur on the tips of his enlongated ears. Wears a dark cloak cinched in front by a gold ring, and with big shoulder pads. Usually looks and behaves like a small child, but is actually closer to what an 18-year old human would look like.

Mig's sensitive older brother. Rogue claims that he hates watching people suffer, but he's actually got a meaner streak than Mig. He also likes to build machines of destruction, especially androids that ressemble nubile young women. The destruction caused by these androids is usually focussed on Mig and Rogue, rather than Mink and friends.
PC Like Mig, only white skinned and with a headband. His cloak is white, with black dots all over it (like it's covered with soot.) Normally, it is impossible to tell whether Rogue is male or female. Can usually be found either brooding, or working on his next war robot. Appears about 19 or 20.

     When Mig and Rogue first appear, Dagu has just been defeated by Ars, and has crawled back to his brothers' underground lair. Mig is so disgusted by Dagu's performance that, with Rogue's approval, he ties his little brother up, and hangs him from the ceiling. Then, whenever Mig gets upset for some odd reason, he relaxes by casting spells of pain on Dagu. After this scenerio, Dagu can be recognized as the three-eyed thing suspended by a rope, and in constant hurt.

Volume 4

After finding the secret to removing the Minik Cross Sword from the stone, Mink, Rufa, Mappy, and Pia continue on their journey, with Mink carrying the sword. Deidre has charged Bufu, Jiisanz, and Merami with killing Mink. As this is happening, Rufa pulls out a Mink costume and puts it on. Now looking like Mink, Rufa runs around terrorizing people and putting the blame elsewhere. Until, two bounty-hunting mummies come across the pseudo-Mink, and beat the hell out of her. The real Mink saves Rufa, who remorsefully throws the costume off a cliff. Where it is found, and worn, by a fat gorilla.

Magical Yone
As Merami (acting as group leader) loses a full day because Jiisanz can't decide what to wear for killing a dragon-half, Mink and party run across an old hag that tells them their fortunes. That evening, she reappears as they sleep. Whipping off her cloak, we now see an old hag wearing a young girl's school uniform, and holding a candy wand with a heart on the end of it (Looks suspiciously like a dildo.) Magical Yone is obviously a parody of all those little girl fantasy stories, like Minky Momo, and Sailor Moon. Yone can enter people's dreams and turn them into nightmares. Rufa's dream, that of her being dressed as a sex-queen and surrounded by eager young studs, is easily corrupted as Yone turns all the studs into fat sumo wrestlers. However, Yone runs into trouble when she tries to poison Mink's dream of quietly feeding rabbits. Yona appears as Saucer, and attempts to assault Mink, but runs out of dream sand at the wrong time. Mink, trying to help the dream-Saucer, instead can not control her strength and just ends up beating the crap out of Yone. Yone escapes, but quickly passes out. Mink and Rufa wake up, tired from a poor sleep, but pretend to be completely alert, rather than explain what the problem is. Yone does not appear again.

     By page 53, Jiisanz has finally awoken (Merami kicked her in the head to get her up, and Jiisanz cried so hard that she flooded the valley that the castle resides in. The bad three meet the good three, and Jiisanz is shown to be a very dirty fighter (think of a Valley Girl with a chainsaw.) Jiisanz angers Mink, and slides Bufu in the way, hoping that the force of Mink's punch would cause Bufu to create such a strong rebound that Mink would be bounced into the next country. Instead, Bufu falls over, dead to the world. Disappointed that her plan failed, Jiisanz cries a river that floods the valley. She runs back into the cave that Merami is standing in, and is followed by Mink.

Kubis Salamander
Merami creates this little salamander, and then starts a strip tease. Turns out this Kubis is a "sukebe" salamander, and turns into a monster rapist when aroused. But, Jiisanz wants to join in, and when she can't, cries a river that saves Mink, but dumps her, Jiisanz, and Merami into Deidre's throne room. The salamander is not seen again.

     We finally get to see Deidre completely for the first time at page 68. She looks like Vena will in 10 years, but in a Vamperella dress, and with dragon-bone shoulder pads. She is a VERY powerful necromancer and general magic-user that is responsible for the destruction of the surrounding countryside, and the presence of all those zombies. But, she easily succumbs to Mink's strength, and the Minik Cross Sword. Jiisanz hits Mink on the back of the head, and Deidre uses a nearby rock formation to create tendrils that nearly choke Mink to death. As she fades, Mink recalls her dance with Saucer (as Lora,) and recovers enough to break the rock and beat the hell out of Deidre.

     Deidre now reveals the secret of the two items Mink received from the Dancing King -- combined, they turn into the Vido Potion. Deidre also describes her life as Azatodeth's lover so many years ago; all of the playful romping, death, and all-around suffering they'd so youthfully inflicted on the innocent and helpless. Then we find out that the potion is not the one Mink wants.

     Deidre creates a feast for both sides, and they cheerfully chow down as Mig finally makes his appearance (he'd broken through 642 of the wrong walls -- into other people's rooms) before finally getting it right. But nobody notices. So, he busts up the party, and Deidre attacks him in return. Mig easily wins, and casts a pain spell on Deidre, Rufa, and Mink. But is horrified to find out that Rufa is begging for more. Mig ultimately collapses the mountain they are under. Mink saves everyone, but Rufa isn't helping her.

     That's when Mana and Rouce appear; Mana in dragon form. Rouce tries to seduce Deidre, and Mana beats him up. Rufa's father, and Pia's parents arrive, and nobody notices Mig defeat Mana. At the last moment, Mink trips while trying to bodyslam Mig, and rips his pants off. That's when we finally get to see Kuma-san. Mig runs off in tears, and beats up on Dagu.

     The parents want their children to stop their solo effort of trying to destroy the most powerful evil creature ever (except for Rouce, who only cares about getting laid with Deidre.) Shimon Delamonte arrives to kill Deidre with the Cross Sword, but falls in love with her immediately, and she with him. The two lovers return to Shimon's castle, and the dying valley suddenly springs back to life (shows how strong Deidre is, and what the power of true love can do.)

     By page 117, the parents and their children are reunited, and Rouce is burying his face in Mink's butt. This is when Perfect Princess Vena makes her big appearance, accompanied by Siva and Rozario. An android playboy bunny takes Rouce and Mana out of the action. A giant tree takes Link to up to where he succumbs to a fear of heights, and Vena decides to attack Mink directly using her new super armor (the armor makes her 4 times faster, 24 times stronger, and 18 times more magically powerful.) As she attacks, Mig and Rogue are watching the battle on a monitor in their cave. Mig tells Rogue that Mink is a Kaiser Dragon Half. Rogue replies that although a normal dragon half is 8 times stronger than a normal person, Mink is 300 times stronger, and growing fast. Rosario uses his R (for Rosario) radar to see through matter to find Mink, but suffers a hentai attack at seeing Mink nude. Siva has a tonic on his head that reflects the sun's light, amplified lots of times, but then realizes that the sun is hidden by clouds.

     Vena reveals her secret weapon -- she trapped Dick Saucer in her armor, and anything that happens to her, happens to him instead. Mink tries kicking Vena in the crotch, which only causes Saucer to scream that he hates Mink. Mink curls up in a ball out of remorse, and Vena tries to shoot her with a plasma beam. Which is reflected by Siva's reflective head, and destroys Saucer and the armor. Furiously, Mink beats Vena up, and she is next seen reverted back to a slime, beating up on her father.

     Page 135 Vena turns herself back to a human, and summons a powerful demon to destroy Mink -- and gets Mig as he is bedding down with his Kuma teddy bear, and kuma-san underwear. Using the photo that she quickly takes, as blackmail material, Vena gets Mig to agree to attack Mink again. Mig is so upset at this situation that he beats up on his little brother, who is still tied up.

Meatball monsters
This is when these two balls with silly faces and tentacle arms appear and drain Mink and Mana of their energy. Mana isn't affected as much, but does get overwhelmed by sheer numbers as more meatballs show up. The main characteristic for these guys is that they are very polite, and when one talks, the others echo the first.

He is very lazy, and lecherous. But once, he was an ok swordsman. Note, when his daughter and wife recover consciousness, Rouce is still in "sick" in bed. But every one of the meatball horde has a large "R" on it's belly. He has the three L's down -- Lazy, Lecherous, and Loyal.

     At the end, Mana has taken the group to the city of dragons, which has become a little rundown since she was last there. The main dragon looks at the potion Mink got, but before things can go too far, Mig shows up and destroys the rest of the city (Vena is still blackmailing him with that photo.) Then, before Mig can really start fighting Mink, The Great Demon Lord Azatodeth appears...

     End of Volume 4.
     Except for the little joke story as an added feature: High School Detective Mink

     Vena and Mink are two high school girls acting as detectives to determine who killed their teacher, Dama Rama Sensei. A clue is provided (but I don't know what it means. It's not a kanji in my dictionary. The closest I can get is to turn it upside down and call it 'tada', which is 'simply, merely.' Which sort of implicates Vena, with her 'Tah Dah' stage appearances.) Dama Rama Sensei was killed by a swordstroke from behind.

     The detectives are:
     Mink Akatsuki
     Vena Aoi
     The suspects are:
     Female Rufa Akane (who found the body)
     Principle Siva (sweating very hard)
     Female secretary Rosario (also sweating hard)
     Male student Rogue (in a leisure jacket)
     Female chain-smoking student Mig Sakamaki
     Well-dressed male student Saucer (sweating a little)
     And the confused little girl student Pia Kagami

     Vena states that the killer is in the room (ie. -- is one of the above suspects,) and Mink claims that the clue proves who the killer is.

     The text in the margins of the book states that the killer will be revealed in volume 5, expected out in 1993.

Volume 5

     Starts out with a continuation of the murder mystery, and Vena accusing Saucer of being the killer. However, Saucer quickly becomes the second victim. The story ends, and picks up again on p 161.

     Azatodeth summons some maidens and introduces himself. Vena and Mig bicker, so they get zapped. Mig tries to attack Mink again, but starts out holding the wrong end of his sword. He then uses exploding balls, with his eyes closed, against Vena. The main dragon orders Mink to use the potion against Azatodeth, but he gave her the wrong magic words and nothing happens. Azatodeth pulls out a hair and fires it at Mink -- the hair is the size of a telephone pole. Mink accuses him of being sukebe. Rouce is happy with the sight. Mink goes too far, calling the Demon a homo, which makes him mad. Mink is left helpless, and Azatodeth kidnaps Pia's and Rufa's parents before going back home. The Dragon leader has a bad sense of humor, and tells Mink that there's nothing she can do to prevent becoming a monster. The more she uses her power, the sooner it'll happen. He's lying -- there's a special necklace that can restrain her power. She can turn it off, but if the counter reaches 999, she'll become a monster. He's lying again -- it's a bracelet. Vena leaves out the blackmail photo and Mig destroys it. He orders her to strip. But, she has more copies, so Mig is the one doing the stripping.

     Page 29. Saucer is singing, and gets a list of Dragons he's supposed to kill. He doesn't know which one killed his parents, the Sea King and Queen, so he's just killing all of the Dragons he can find. Mig is going to take the giant magic robot his father had given him as a present a long time ago, and go out to kill Mink, but Dama Rama got to it first. Saucer is beating up one Dragon who is a fan of his (tries to sneak away when Saucer starts singing for him.) The Dragon says that Mink's grandfather, Titan, is the killer Saucer wants, so the dragon slayer gives the dragon a Saucer Special as a reward. Pia has recovered from having lost his parents, and he and Rufa want to see if Mink has changed any further. Dama Rama shows up in the magic robot, but doesn't have a clue as to how it's weapons-systems work. He uses a missile as a sword and a bazooka as a hammer. To protect herself, Mink turns off the bracelet, and Rufa sings a song about her turning into a monster. Mig wants his toy back, and Dama Rama is still confused.

Rosa and Lydia
Two very beautiful mermaid sisters assigned to protect the beach from intruders. Lydia will complain of being afraid or something, Rosa will hit her, and they'll embrace and make up.

     Page 57. Dama Rama grabs Mink, Mink asks Rufa to use her lightning rod, and Rufa realizes that if Mink doesn't become a monster, she can't sell Mink as a sideshow act. Dama Rama uses Mig's bomb balls, as a chair. So now, the robot and the fighter are identical. Rosa and Lydia attack Mink, since she's known to be part dragon, and a Dragon had killed their previous ruling family. Dama takes his wrath out against the robot, and Mig promises to kill him a lot.

     Page 66 -- 80. This chapter has been translated.

Sea King
Father of Saucer and Sonic. Very regal and handsome, but an air head. Has no primary skills. A merman.

Sea Queen
Very attractive, and more commanding than her husband. Has a serious hate against Mink. A mermaid.

The Fake Dick Saucer
The guy that takes Mink to a love hotel and tries to seduce her. Is actually Saucer's younger brother Sonic in disguise.

A randy heir to the sea-king's throne. VERY handsome, and sneaky. Enjoys taking photos of Saucer and using them to get dates. His primary skill is the ability to run VERY fast.

     Mink is told that her grandfather is Titan, the one who killed Saucer's parents, and this paralizes her enough that the fake Saucer can take her to a love hotel.

     Page 82. Rufa is dreaming about being with Saucer, and Pia doesn't understand what the big deal is (Rufa says this is because Pia is just a child.) The fake Saucer says that the Sea King regent will be arriving soon, and suggests that they take showers to prepare. While showering, Mink is worried about becoming a monster, and vows again to get the Pido Potion to become human and win Saucer's affections. She doesn't notice right away when the fake comes in, and closes the door on him. It breaks, and his wig is knocked off. Dama Rama claims that he and Mig are all that Rogue needs to kill Mink (Mig wants a lot more help than that, and Rogue agrees.) Rogue introduces two of his pets --

The God of Fire
Leopard-spotted creature with shark fins for ears. About 12 feet tall, and 6 feet across at the shoulders. Very strong, and can breathe black gouts of flame.

The God of Thunder
Fur-covered creature with shark fins for rhino horns. Very strong, but no other known skills. Shaped like the God of Fire, but about a foot shorter.
Rogue has to retreat into his torture room, leaving the pets behind. The pets claim that only two beings can keep them under control -- Azatodeth and Rogue. They then order Mig to fetch them some ice cream and Calpis. Mig shows that he is every bit as strong as his brother and father, using a tabasco-sauce-pain-spell to put the two Gods in their place. The pets are to add his name to their list of masters. Mig then gets them some Calpis and ice cream.

     Pia and Rufa are wondering what's taking Mink so long, and she shows up with someone they don't know. The stranger introduces himself as Saucer's younger brother -- Sonic. Rufa wants to know if Sonic is any good, and Sonic lies about what he and Mink had been doing in the room. After Sonic gets out from under the boulder, he gives them a ride on a special turtle to reach his underwater home. The Sea Queen wants to know where Sonic has been, and panics when she recognizes the boy's friend. The Queen is appalled, and wants her husband to comment ("Cute girl.") Mink asks for help in attacking Azatodeth, the Queen refuses, and Sonic pleads on her behalf. The Queen agrees -- if Mink goes through a special door, she'll be taught some magic. Rufa objects, stating that it's a trash shoot, but Mink says it's ok and goes through. In the sewers, she finds some trash that she thinks might be useful. The Queen thinks to herself that the only thing Mink will find is the monster that will kill her. And, flying on their two pets, come Mig and Vena, looking forward to gleefulling killing the Dragon-half.

     Page 98.

The sludge monster
A big ball of goo with large eyes and fangs. It likes to make bad puns, and it's main ability is to turn itself into an exact copy of its victims. (AKA "gomi monster.")

     Mink isn't impressed by the monster's jokes, and keeps looking for magic items in the stream of sewage. The Queen says that Mink is dead now, and Rufa can't figure out how to respond. Sonic says that Mink is not a bad person, and the Queen disappears into a flashback about why she hates the killer of the old Queen. When they were little mermaids, she'd teased the other mergirl, and then a monster came up and terrorized them. But, the old Queen had rescued her and she wanted to know why. The mergirl answers along the lines of "well, why shouldn't I have?" Pia and Sonic have fallen asleep, and Rufa asks whether the flashback is over yet.

     Lydia rushes in, saying that nasty beings have arrived, and Rosa punches her. The Queen keeps trying to find out who's arrived, and Vena and Mig introduce themselves.

     The gomi monster looks a little bit like Mink, and makes fun of her until she hits it away. Rufa rushes in, yelling that Mink has fallen for the Queen's trap, and that Mig has arrived. The gomi monster claims that it's now clobbering time, but finds that there's no one around to pay it any attention any more.

     The Queen wants to know where her guards are, and Mig points out the pile of bodies. She asks where her son is, and Vena points him out as he's trying to chat her up. Mig challenges Sonic and they both announce what their attacks are -- Mig uses a spell, the boy uses his "Sonic Special." After they are finished, we get a slow motion replay showing that Sonic out-ran the spell. Rosa and Lydia are impressed that Sonic had formed the letter 'S' along the way. Mig loses his temper and orders his pets to attack. The Queen is losing it, when the King-Regent comes up to Mig. Then complements Mig on his cute ears. The Thunder God picks up the Queen, saying that it's been a long time since he's had sea food. As the God is about to eat her, Mink rescues her. When asked why, Mink uses roughly the same excuse as the old Queen had in the flashback. Mig gets annoyed at being ignored, and shows his true demonic form.

The demonic Mig
Leathery wings, three eyes, and horny arm spikes. Note, from page 112 to 114, Mig loses his sleeves. Mig has a weak spot, and almost decides to not kill Mink. In this form, Mig is no stronger or faster than normal. He still lies to protect himself from torture.

The new Dama Rama
He's back, with a cuisinarte blade attached to his head. Just as stupid and clumsy as ever.

     Page 113 to 160 have been translated March 92, April 92.

     Azatodeth and Rogue watch the fight on TV. Rogue is now shown as someone who claims that he hates violence, but gleefully keeps score when Mig screws up. When Mig runs up too many points, he gets a "special" punishment. Vena is just as interested in singing about Mink becoming a monster as Rufa is. The Queen demonstrates that she can feel compassion for a Dragon that saves her life. And, the ruling Sea family eats sea food for supper.

     Page 130.

Petit Cathy
Big, ugly, horned female (presumably) demon. Has a nasty temper when someone forgets to call her "petit." Commands some of the Demon King's army, in town to get wine for the troops. Loves terrorizing people. Is quite powerful and sneaky, and a major coward. Has also been given a photo of Mink and orders to kill her on sight.

Once a very brave warrior, now a quivering lump who acts as Cathy's aide. He has a boat that Cathy uses to get to the town, and Mink uses to get to the Demon King's island. He eventually regains his backbone and faces up to Cathy. But, he still brags about having killed stacks of goblins all in one day. A little guy with a warrior axe. But, he's still something of a coward and laughs outloud when Mink says that she's going to fight Azatodeth.

     Page 146. First proof that Rogue likes making robots that have a history of running amok. When Mig pulls out something that looks like a valuable control circuit, Rogue calls it trash and throws it away.

Azatodeth's private receptionist
A very attractive young lady in a business jacket and skirt, with pink polka dot panties. Incredibly sneaky, but nice about it. Uses exploding business cards, and anything else she can get away with. Only appears once in the manga, while manning her desk outside the island's fortress walls. Is only trying to kill Mink because of the bonus and extra vacation time she'd receive for it.

     Page 151. First example that Dick Saucer gets paid to do commercials (this one is for Lightning Chocolate bars.) Followed by the first scene with Sonic and Saucer together (Sonic was in a locker taking pictures of his brother undressing, to use the photos later to impress girls.) First proof that Sonic keeps a dossier on the women he meets (he reads out of volume 1, to describe Mink and her alias Lola to his brother, to show that they're the same girl.)

     Page 160.

Nibble 08
The first working robot we see Rogue build (while stating that his robots are perfect, Rogue discovers that he's missing several bolts for her.) Very attractive, with an antenna and the letter "N" next to her left ear. When she calls out a weapon attack the odds are that she'll trigger the wrong weapon. (Missile Punch causes her head to fly off.) Rogue doesn't think that there's a problem with this discrepency.

     End of Volume 5.

     Except for the conclusion of High School Detective Mink.

     Another body is found, this time it's Rogue. The suspects are rapidly dwindling down (Vena accidently uses the school principal's corpse as a chair.) So, Mink uses a Magical Girls wand to change into a Magical Girl, but Rogue dies anyway. Then, Mink realizes what the "dying message" means, and the reader is given a chance to guess who the culprit is.

     Turns out that the "kanji" is actually supposed to be a drawing of an electrical plug -- implying that one of the women is actually a guy in disguise. This guy is school mistress Rosario, who is unmasked. Followed by a pun I don't understand (what they say is "kaiketsu, or "solved." It's probably another way of saying "the end", which may be why they're waving their butts at Rufa.) End of story.

Volume 6

     Page 4 to 32 has been translated May 92, June 92.

Page 11
A bird-faced demon, and incidental minion in the demon king's army (although, he tries to disprove this by using a half-page close-up to introduce himself, on the grounds that incidental characters don't get half-page close-ups.) Is really weak, and has a fear of heights. Claims to have beaten Mig 3 times, but it was only at a children's game, and not real combat. Quickly defeated, and never returns.
     Page 18

     Proof that Rufa is really cruel, and likes to eat deep-fried mice.

Page 22
The 3 Cats
Three very large cats, that just call each other oku-sama (or, housewife) and spend a lot of energy dreaming up bad puns. They menace Mappy, and tease Pia, until Pia discovers some internal strength. The boy rescues Mappy by covering the mouse with his helmet. Thus proving either that: The helmet is REALLY heavy, or the cats are REALLY dense. They are last seen tormenting Rufa.
     Page 34

     Mink has just defeated the tenth minion on the island, and she meets

This is a very old, very feeble man that always talks in third person, while trying to defeat trees by smashing into them with his face. (Yuja == Brave Man.) His only purpose is to point out the location of Titan's castle, before bravely running away from Titan's granddaughter. Never appears again.

     In the castle, Rogue pulls out one of his many concealed Walkman tape recorders, and plays back Mig's comments concerning his malfunctioning robots. Mig gets punished. Next, are two more of Rogue's creations.

Dark Cherry
A very pretty dark-haired robot, similar to Nibble-08.
A little old lady robot on tractor treads.

     Rogue assigns DC to Dagu, and Apple to Mig. However, Mig would rather have the pretty looking robot, so he asks Dagu to switch with him. While Titan waits for the heroes to reach him, Mig tries to sneak away from Rogue, with Dagu in tow (Mig knows that those robots are going to backfire on him in some way.) When Rogue finds them, Mig puts the blame on Dagu, but discovers that Rogue has tape recorders everywhere.

     Page 50

     Outside Titan's castle, Mink is pondering the fact that her grandfather is Azatodeth's right-hand monster. Then, Rogue unleashes his robots, and they fail masterfully. While Apple holds Mink's attention, Nibble goes into V-Mix mode, and smashes into a hillside. Mig happily gets to punish Mink, using Dark Cherry. However, DC smashes into the hill next to Nibble, while using her "Spinning Hard Kick" (looks suspiciously like Chun Li's upside down spinning kick in Street Fighter. Also, V-Mix is probably a play on "V-Max".) Mig accidently knocks Apple's head off, and then follows the first case where Mig can successfully trick Rogue into thinking that Dagu did it.

     And, up comes Titan.

     At home, Saucer has a bad dream, reliving the time when Titan killed his parents. When he wakes up, he finds that Yori, a goblin, has left a note stating that Titan is on the Demon King's Island. Rogue doesn't want to stay around to watch the power of the Kaiser Dragon Titan, and Mig has to settle for going back home to watch Dagu's punishment. However, Rogue suddenly discovers Mig's fingerprint on Apple's head.

     Page 66

     Saucer is riding on Paul's boat, and the old man tries to tell the boy about the time he slew 500 Cockatrix. Saucer is in a hurry, so Paul waits with his story for the moment.

     Titan tells Mink that he's really wanted to meet her for a long time, and gets Rufa complaining about his speaking with a "cat's voice." Titan tries to prove that he's a nice guy, but it's a trick. He attacks and misses. Pia, Mink, and Rufa start calling him names. Rufa asks if this really is Mink's grandfather, and Mink accuses Titan of being an imposter. Titan proves that he knows secret things about Mink -- she likes eating rice with butter and catsup. This is proof positive, and they start fighting.

(Note: The Japanese would rather eat rice plain, as a side dish, and are amused that people would dirty the rice by putting sauces on it.)

Mink's kaiser dragon grandfather. He let his kaiser blood get the better of him. This turned him into a terrible monster, with a little face inside his normally deformed face. Is Azatodeth's primary soldier. Has extending razorblade fingernails, lightning from his eyesockets, and one horn on the side of his head. A dirty fighter, who surrenders just before attacking again.

     Mink and Titan fight, with Mink turning off the Timer to become stronger than Titan had expected. However, Titan still manages to trick Mink, and entraps her with his nails. He's about to kill her, when Saucer walks up. Elsewhere, the adults held prisoner by the Demon King escape through a ventilation duct. But, the exit grate is next to Azatodeth's chair, in the dining room. Back at the battle, Saucer pulls out a "Sonic Special" -- actually, it's Sonic wearing his Dick Saucer disguise again. He grabs the heroes, and runs to safety with them. He then tries to jump Mink's bones again. Mink calms him down, and Sonic states that the reason he's come to the island is that Saucer knows that Mink had crashed Shiva's party, disguised as Lora. He adds that Saucer thought that Mink was really stunning. Mink likes this comment, and is destroying the hillside in glee until Saucer shows up. Dick corrects them all, claiming that he's here to defeat Mink.

     Saucer is going to kill Mink, while Sonic protests. But, Saucer's comment that Mink will never be a human is enough to get Rufa to slap him in the face. Actually, she just wanted to kill the fly that was bothering him. So, Saucer decides to kill Titan first, then come back for Mink. Pia tries to cheer Mink up, stating that when Azatodeth is defeated, she can get the Pido Potion to become human.

     Azatodeth calls a meeting to get suggestions on how to deal with Mink. Shiva, Rosario, Mig, Rogue, Dagu, Titan, and Vena all attend. However, the meeting breaks down in squabbling, as people claim to be able to bring Mink's head to the Demon King. Afterwards, Mig is in for a big letdown, when Vena states that she wants Mink dead for having the gall to take Saucer (Vena's lover) away from her. Mig bows out of the conversation, leaving both Vena and Dagu wondering what the problem is (Dagu is shown yet again to be the method Mig uses to relieve stress.)

     Saucer is sadly pondering his comments to Mink, while Mink isn't getting pumped up enough over facing the Demon King (she'll do a little crying first, to get ready.)

     Page 98

     Rufa is undermining Sonic's attempts to cheer up Mink, and she gets kicked to the ground. On looking up, Rufa discovers Azatodeth's castle. Inside, Vena is reading Dragon magazine, and Mig is thinking about her and Saucer. But, Vena decides to seduce Mig at the time that Rogue walks in. Mig denies that anything has happened, and Vena explains that since Mig had never been kissed before, she was going to teach him how. Rogue replies that Mig had been kissed before, by him. Vena freaks, and Rogue follows up with "I'm joking." Rogue is then about to tell Mig his plan for fighting Mink.

     Mink reaches the castle, and steps in to find -- a shopping market, and a tour group. Mink is stunned at the size of the place, and the difficulty of finding the Demon King. But, Pia and Rufa locate a map and tour pamphelets. Sonic splits off to find Saucer. Inside his control room, Rosario is describing the traps he's laid out to catch Mink (and do what Rogue and Titan can't.) However, Mink defeats the traps, so Rosario drags Shiva to the door of the control room. There, he describes the greatest trap of all -- a pit below the door, filled with hungry electric eels. Rosario gets a bit too excited, and is horribly annoyed to watch Mink fly into the room on dragon wings. He and Shiva rush forward to berate Mink for ruining their surprise. As the two villians step on the trap door and then fall down the shaft, Rosario assures Shiva that the eels won't attack their handler. (He's wrong.)

     Dagu appears, and Rufa comments that Mink has already beaten him once. And, Mink beats him again. To help refresh her friend, Rufa gives Mink some "delicious juice" that's located on a stand conveniently near by. It's a trap -- the juice was set out by Rogue, and it causes Mink to lose her voice. Mink tries to get help from Rufa, but the elf doesn't have a clue as to what's being said. Then, Mig hits her with "Brown Hole Dobudobu" (the feeling of falling into a pit of fermenting human waste.) Mig expects an easy victory, but is completely trashed; the juice took Mink's voice away, but hasn't affected her strength any. And, before Mig can recover and try again, Rogue claims that it's his turn. He coerces Mig into asking how he'll attack Mink, then he chooses a weird-looking gun from his collection of torture items and weapons.

     The Demon King is pleased that Rogue is going to fight Mink with his own hands, but Mig is running away in tears at the embarrassment. He takes his frustration out on Dagu. Then, he plans on using the Demon King robot that's been built for him, despite that fact that it hasn't been tested; Dagu fears for his brother's safety.

     Page 120

     Spider -- An over-sized spider, which acts as Azatodeth's messenger.

     Page 122

     Rogue reveals the secret of the weapon he's holding. It's not a gun after all -- it's a cigarette lighter. Rogue has more fun with Mink, until Pia remembers that Rufa can try to use the magic spell Mink had unleashed on Dagu (Kuzoon Shi Makua Dagu Dagu,) to attack Rogue. Rufa has forgotten the words. Mink whispers "Kuzoon Shi Makua Rogue Rogue," and Rufa repeats them as "Crazily beautiful Rufa."

     Mig is preparing to use the giant demon king robot to fight Mink, and win his father's approval. However, what he doesn't know is that Titan and Azatodeth are planning on destroying everyone, including Mig and Rogue. The Demon King is looking forward to Mig's reaction to this.

     Rogue and Mink are about even, but the narrator is asking what's going to happen to the runt, the rat, and the nice princess Rufa if Mink loses. Pia asks what Rufa is doing, speaking inside the narration boxes. Rogue calls "time" to get a message from Azatodeth via Spider, then keeps fighting while Mink is wondering how he can call "time".

     Mig is remembering a time 10 years ago, when he asked his father if he would grow up to be big and strong. Azatodeth is happy with this question, and pulls a pop quiz on Mig. "If a villager offers you money to act as a guard to protect his village, what do you do?" Mig answers "rob and kill him." Papa bashes him in the head with a rock and states "You take the money, pretend to be a guard to locate the village. Then, you steal all the valuables, kill the men, rape the women and sell them into slavery, burn down the village, and salt the earth afterwards." Papa did promise him that Mig can grow up to become the next Demon King.

     Rogue hits Mink with a blast that propels her into an empty colloseum. And into the grasp of Mig's giant robot. However, Rogue, Mig, Mink, Rufa and Pia are all sealed in when Azatodeth causes the steel shutter doors to slide down into place.

     In her room, Vena is ready to fight Mink. But, she's interrupted as Dama Rama makes his appearance again. Dama Rama is desperate to have someone see his new attack, so he keeps Vena from leaving the room. He has a special weapon underneath his cloak that he wants to show her. He also states that Mig will lose against Mink. Vena replies that Mig is strong, and will win. Which is when Mig's photo falls to the floor, and a black cat strides across the room.

     Mig wants his father to watch him beat Mink, but Azatodeth answers that he's there to see ALL of them die. Mig can't accept this, but the Demon King has basically gotten bored with all of this, including with the idea of having Dagu, Rogue, and Mig as sons. Mig still doesn't understand, and papa calls him an asshole. Mig and Rogue are just things for the Demon King to do with as he pleases. Mig argues that he was promised to become the next demon king, and Azatodeth asks if Mig had really fallen for that story. Mink calls out that it's ended for the Demon King, and Azatodeth replies by blowing the plugs along the walls and causing the massive room to fill with seawater. Mink calls out to Rufa and Pia, as they try to outrun the rushing tide. Rogue looks decisive, but Mig has had his spirit crushed. Mink is still held in the grasp of the robot.

     Vena is approaching, having a bad feeling about Mig. Dama Rama is still trying to get her to see what he has concealed under his cloak.

     Page 147

     The ocean fills up the room, and Azatodeth gloats over the deaths of Mink, Rogue, and Mig. In the dungeons, the prisoners comment over the "earthquake." It's caused the bars to part, so Pia's father goes running out. He trips and falls. Looking back, he sees that it's Pia that he tripped over, and he faints.

     Mink remembers watching Azatodeth's face, and she comes up fighting. But, Mig tells her to open her eyes. They're safe in another part of the castle. Mink expects to have to keep fighting him, but the demon prince has had his spirit crushed. Mink tries to cheer up the boy, and ultimately tells a bad pun based on place names in Tokyo (Nippori is a section of the city near Ueno.) Mig asks if she's an idiot, which gets Mink roaring. However, Mig also thanks her for trying to lift his spirits. He smiles at her, and Mink is pleasantly surprised.

     Back in the dungeons, Pia is reunited with his parents. And, Titan shows up to inform them that Mink has died. Pia wants to escape, but his mother and father have just fainted again. (Later, we find out that all of the people in the colloseum were saved by Rogue's magic.)

     Mink is explaining to Mig that she's come to the island to defeat Azatodeth, to win over the really cool Dick Saucer. Mig asks if this is the same one that Vena claims is her lover. Mink says that Vena is lying, which helps make Mig happier (Mig actually is sexually attracted to Vena, in a way.) Then, Mink goes overboard in describing how great Saucer is, and the two of them start squabbling. Vena comes in, and wants to know what's going on between them. Mig declares that he and Mink no longer want to fight each other (Vena is stunned, and Mink sticks her tongue out at her rival with the standard "beehhhh" noise.)

     Mink and Vena argue over who Saucer actually loves, and are interrupted by Dama Rama's big appearance. He claims that he overheard them asking what great thing he has hidden under his cloak. He goes on about the great weapon he has, and Vena continues on with her yelling match, stating that Saucer won't go for a Dragon Half. So, Mink states that she'll become human, and then Saucer will accept her. Vena complains about the "powan powan" (mushy emotions sounds) sounds coming from Mink's dream balloon illustration. Finally, Dama Rama reveals the new body he has under the cloak. Mink, Vena, and Mig stare in shock.

     Titan easily destroys Pia's helmet, and Pia begs the dragon monster to kill him, but spare his parents. Titan isn't buying it, but before he can kill Mario, Saucer shows up. Titan won't be killing any more people; Saucer will send him to hell first.

     Back at the "show" Dama Rama is covered by a "censored" sign, and he tells us that we'll have to wait to see his body until volume 7.

Volume 7

     This book won't come out until 1995. However, the story ends in four more chapters. Which have already been summarized.

February 94, March 94, April 94, May 94 and June 94.

     Titan turns out to be an innocent dragon trapped in a magical body created by Azatodeth. Once freed from the body, he begs Saucer to not kill him. Sonic confirms the story. Titan and Saucer nearly killed each other in their fight, though, and Sonic had to heal both of them. Saucer decides that Mink is innocent as well, and when he next meets her, he tells Mink that he loves her.

     Unfortunately, although Mink managed to capture the Demon King with the spell the Sea Queen taught her, Titan's body has grabbed both the bottle and Mink's mother. Turns out that Mink's parents are also on the island. Rouce rescues his wife, and some photos of naked women that he'd bought from Sonic. Saucer carves up Titan's body. The body's last big effort is to break the bottle holding Azatodeth. Mink has no choice but to turn off the Dragon Timer one last time, and let it go from 995 to 999. She undergoes a horrible transformation that promises to turn her into a monster that Saucer won't want to marry.

     But, the transformation just leaves a strange mark on her butt. She is SUPER stong now, and easily kills the Demon King once and for all, by lopping off his head with the Azatodeth-killing sword.

     Two years of peace pass. It's the wedding of Mink and Dick Saucer. Everyone shows up, except Rufa.

     Mink and Saucer: Now husband and wife.

     Vena and Mig: Still hanging out together, but it's purely platonic. Mig finally discovers that Vena is a slime-half. Vena still has designs to win Saucer from Mink. Pia: In two years, Pia went from being a young boy, to a REALLY sexy-looking 16-year-old girl. A dramatic change that completely floors Rufa.

     Rufa leaps out of the wedding cake, to say that a demon god has appeared in the country of Pido, with lots of monsters. Everyone decides to join in to help Mink take on the new threat. They run out to start a new adventure, and Dama Rama appears with his new "bomb body." A little bomb cloud can be seen in the distance as Dama trips and falls, and as the group is about to embark on the next adventure.

     Thus ends the story of Mink, and her quest for the Pido Potion, and Dick Saucer's love. And the besting of the Great Demon King Azatodeth.

<>      Since there are only 4 (rather long) chapters left, volume 7 is either going to be very thin; have lots of filler material; or will include the beginnings of the next story, if there is one.

-- Curtis H. Hoffmann June 1, 1994 Melody Haim, #205 4-5-4 Suge, Tama-ku Kawasaki City, Japan