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Aihara's work:
-Hot Gimmick
-Naisho no Keiken (Image Gal. only)
-Seiten Taisei
-So Bad!
-Sora ni taiyouga arukagiri (Image Gal. only)
-Tokyo Shounen Shoujo
-Oyaniwa Naisho (Image Gal. only)
-Atashi ni tsuiterashai(Image Gal. only)

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Welcome to the unofficial page of:


This page is dedicated to the manga by Aihara Miki, a mangaka whose works are mostly shoujo ^^
Aihara Miki's works are published under the Flower Comics line, and though she usually draws for the Betsucomi magazine, she also has an ongoing series in the Deluxe Betsucomi magazine. ^^
Her stories are usually about a high-school girl who has to decide between two boys (one of who is usually involved/wanting another girl). Her art style is very detailed and realistic. Readers who like shounen because of its art, might be interested in reading Aihara's work as an introduction to shoujo storylines. No waterfalls, big shinny eyes or immense ammounts of flowers in here! ;) --ok, not as many >:)

What can you find here?

Each manga title will have its own homepage, and inside them, you'll find general information, synopsis of the chapters, character guide, image gallery, etc. ^^ This will take quite a little of time to be completed, so please, have a little patience! ;)

All comments, suggestions and help are welcome. Also, if you are interested in receiving an email each time this page is updated, please send me an email or a message. And please, don't use any image nor text without my permission ^^ .

NEWS: AIHARA has a story in the upcoming compilation Sweet 2 - Kowareru hodo Dakishime (on sale 26.jul.04), it's 10 Days.
Hot Gimmick 9th tankoubon (Japanese release) will go on sale on 24.sep.

BIG NEWS! Hot Gimmick has been picked up by US company Viz and most of the graphic novels are already out.

  • Updated! (08/May) Hot Gimmick(currently running in Betsucomi magazine)
  • [Sensei no oki ni iri]
    (contains all Teacher's Pet chapters.)
  • [Sweet 2 - Kowareru hodo Dakishime](anthology collection with other authors)
    (contains 10 Days - Toukakan)
  • [Cheese! Best Selection ~ Warui ko-tachi no koi monogatari ~ vol. 1 ~] (anthology collection with other authors)
    (contains first chapter of Teacher's Pet)
  • Naisho no Keiken (anthology collection with other authors) (Image Gallery only)
  • Seiten Taisei -- Girls, be ambitious
  • So Bad!!
  • Sora ni taiyouga arukagiri(recently finished in Dera-Betsucomi (Delux Bessatsu Shoujo Comic)) (Image Gallery only)
    Sweet Torokechau Monogatari (anthology collection with other authors)
    (contains Sora ni ... side story)
  • [Tokyo Shoujo Shounen]
  • Oyaniwa Naisho (Image Gallery only)
  • Atashi ni tsuiterashai (Aihara Miki collection 1) (Image Gallery only)

All images © Aihara Miki

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