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-Tokimeki Midnight
-Misty Boy
-Usotsuki na Season
-Oshiete Nanoka
-Nurse Angel Ririka S.O.S.
-Tokimeki Tonight
-Heroine ni Naritai
-Chotto otogibanashi
-Me-chan kokyushitsu
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Welcome to the unofficial page of:

IKENO Koi mangas homepage

Ikeno Koi is a pretty famous mangaka specialized in shoujo manga, her two most famous series are Tokimeki Tonight and Nurse Angel Ririka S.O.S., both of them have been turned into anime TV series. Actually she is publishing short stories in the Ribon-spin-off magazines (like Ribon Original, Ribon Bikkuri or the new magazine, Cookie). She's one of my fave mangakas, her style is very nicely detailed and her stories can range from serious to hilarious. Her plots are pretty original too ^^

In this page you'll find general information and scans of her mangas and if everything goes out ok, also synopsis of the tankobouns (collected volumes) or chapters of them. I will also include a list of links related to these series and the "Ribon" magazine ^^
Coments, corrections and contributions are always very welcome! ^_-

NEWS: Tokimeki Midnight tankoubon #3 will go on sale on April 15th. .

Ikeno Koi Current work/s: Tokimeki Midnight (Cookie Box)

Ikeno Koi self portrait ^^
About Ikeno Koi, the author:

B-Day: [ 16th Apr. ]
Blood Type: [ B ]

Ikeno Koi's debut story was Happy End Monogatari, published in 1979. In 1982 she started Tokimeki Tonight, which took her to fame.
She is also the editor of the serie of tankoubon that compile the "newcoming mangaka" stories from the winners in the Ribon contests (and that's why some times, a long list of strange titles is associated with her, or added to her backlist :) .

Hobby: [ TV Games ]
Favorite Snack: [ Potato Chips, yogurt ]
Favorite Word: [ Happiness ]
Horoscope: [ Aries ]
Graduated From: [ Iwate-ken ]
Pet: [ a goldfish ]

(taken from Ribon Winter Special 2000 ^^ )

All images © copyright Ikeno Koi.

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