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Kare - First Love

Kare - First Love

"'Kare' First Love" (everywhere else in this page refered to as "Kare - First Love" so there are no confusions with the "") is MIYASAKA Kaho's current manga. It started its run in issue #7'2002 of the shoujo manga magazine Sho-Comi, from Shogakukan and is still ongoing..

Karin is an average student, bookworm and too coward to say what she thinks when other people hurt her. However, all these things are going to change when she meets Kiriya! Kiriya is handsome, a student of photography and the first person to discover what a beautiful girl Karin is. But it's going to take him some work to win her heart ;)

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NEWS!!It's official! Viz has picked up Kare - First Love for a NA release. The frist volume will go on sale in August!

Kare - First Love 8th volume will go on sale on June 25th..

ISBN Information:

These numbers come in handy when ordering the collected volumes or tankoubon from your local Japanese bookstore or through the internet :)

Vol.1: ISBN4-09-137064-0 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.2: ISBN4-09-137065-9 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.3: ISBN4-09-137066-7 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.4 (normal edition): ISBN4-09-137067-5 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.4 postcard book edition (limited): ISBN4-09-159015-2 (562 yen w/o tax) [same cover as normal edition]
Vol.5: ISBN4-09-137068-3 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.6: ISBN4-09-137069-1
Vol.7: ISBN4-09-137070-5
Vol.8: (on sale 25.jun.04)
(still ongoing)

North America edition (in English) by Viz:

Vol.1: (on sale aug.04) ($9.95 USA/$16.50 CAN)

All images © Miyasaka Kaho, except backgrounds

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