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Sakura Chitose works:
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-Houkago XXX (Kiss Kiss Kiss)

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Welcome to the unofficial page of:

SAKURA Chitose manga works

Sakura Chitose is something out of the common. Her style looks cute to the point of almost childish and still, it shines with sexyness. Fear not, it's still in the PG level ;) I like her manga so much because they are purely and simply romances with a comedy touch. They can be read anywhere any time and it will still make your day seem brightier.

She publishes short stories in the two-times-a-month shoujo manga magazine Margaret (from Shueisha), though in the past she published in other Margaret's spin-off magazines. In this page you can find information about her works so far.
Coments, corrections and contributions are always very welcome! ^_-
(No content of this page can be used except for personal use without my consent, thanks! ^^ )

And whatch out for Sakura's trademark... the pijamas! ^o^

Sakura Chitose Current work/s: Uwasa no 17 (short story, The Margaret #4)

NEWS: SAKURA Chitose's Obenkyou Shimashou has been released in a The Margaret artists compilation Zettai Doki-Doki suru Honto no Koi, now on sale! ^^

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