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My top favorite currently running shoujo manga (not already covered in these pages):
(or, another shameless attempt at plugging more manga titles! ;)

- Demon Seiten
(ITSUKI Natsumi, Hakusensha, 3 vols.)
- Gakuen Alice
(HIGUCHI Tachibana, Hakusensha, 4 vols.)
- Torikae Fuuka Den
(YANAHARA Nozomi, Hakusensha, 1 vol.)
- Koucha Ouji
(YAMADA Nanpei, Hakusensha, 22 vols.)
just ended
- V.B. Rose
(HIDAKA Banri, Hakusensha)
- HatsuKare
(TOUMORI Miyoshi, Shueisha, 2 vols.)

And an extra plug for a non-shoujo:
- Yotsuba to!
(AZUMA Kiyohiko, Mediaworks, 2 vols.)

Zahara's Shoujo Manga Pages

Welcome! ^^

This page, as the title indicates, is dedicated to my very favourite mangaka, specially those who draw mostly for shoujo magazines, and to my favorite shoujo manga.

What is shoujo? "Shoujo manga" is the term used to classify those manga published in magazines oriented towards girls and young women ^^ This genre encloses a pretty wide variety of genres in itself; the all-famous "magical girl" genre is typical of the shoujo, and so are themes like sport-girls' life, romance, grown-up stories, etc. ^^

This page is sub-divided in personal pages per mangaka and inside these, pages for each manga series, including synopsis, image galleries, translations, etc... If the pages are about just one manga title (instead of about all the author's manga), it will be included under the "single title" section, with the exception of Clover (by Chiya Toriko) and Skip Beat.
Comments, suggestions and help are welcome at, thaaanks! ^o^ (Use of any of the contents in any of the pages without my approval is forbidden, btw. If you want to use something, you can ask me nicely ^^ )

Complete list of manga titles covered in my shoujo pages. (64)
Number of authors: 14 --Updated: 5: UEDA Rinko, TAJIMA Mimi, OMAKE NO KOBAYASHI-KUN, SKIP BEAT! YOSHIZUMI Wataru --New: 1: GAKUEN ALICE (HIGUCHI Tachibana)

Misc. Shoujo News (randomly updated)

AIHARA Miki : Hot gimmick , So Bad! , etc

Updated! (08/May)
what: Hot Gimmick

UEDA Rinko : Tsuki no Shippo, Pump Up!, Fuyu Hanabi, Home, etc

UEDA Rinko
Updated! (22/Sep)
what: Tsuki no Shippo

TAJIMA Mimi : Gakkou no Ojikan, Ichigo Channel, Koisuru, Aoi Spice

Updated! (22/Sep)
what: Gakkou no Ojikan

Skip Beat (NAKAMURA Yoshiki)

(by NAKAMURA Yoshiki)

Updated! (22/Sep)

YOSHIZUMI Wataru : Ultra Maniac, Random Walk, Mintna Bokura, etc

Updated! (22/Sep)
what: Datte Sukinandamon

Gakuen Alice

Gakuen Alice
(by HIGUCHI Tachibana)

Updated! (12/Aug)

Omake no Kobayashi-kun

Omake no

(by MORIO Masami)

Updated! (22/Sep)

Beauty Pop

[Beauty Pop]
(by ARAI Kiyoko)
(coming soon)

Shanimuni Go

(by RAGAWA Marimo)

SAKURA Chitose

SAKURA Chitose

IKENO Koi : Tokimeki Tonight, Rirka SOS, Tokimeki Midnight, etc


MIYASAKA Kaho : Kare First Love, Binetsu Shoujo, etc


Clover (CHIYA Toriko)

(by CHIYA Toriko)

OTHER SHOUJO MANGA TITLES (I strongly recommend!) :

Mou debu nante iwasenai (by YORITA Miyuki)

Mou debu nante iwasenai!
(by YORITA Miyuki)

No longer updated::

Amie Manga magazine

Amie Manga magazine

OOYA Kazumi

OOYA Kazumi

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All images © Copyright of their respective authors. All text © of Zahara Medina. No use of it is allowed without permission except for personal use. Thanks ^^

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