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MINTna Bokura Character Guide:

Attention! ^^  Might contain spoilers! ^o^

Dimitri made a graphic explaning the actual relationships inbetween the characters, take a look! ^^
Maria Maria:

Maria is a 14 years old typical japanese student. She's attending an abroad school mainly because the guy of her dreams is in there. She's a good basketball player and is in the school's team, of course ^^
You can difference her from her twin Noeru aside of her sweet nature because she always wears two or one ponytail/s as hairdress! ^_-

Noeru Noeru:

Noeru is Maria's male twin, he was very angry because Maria preffered to go with her "guy of her dreams" than stay with him, so he decides to go to her school and have her breaking up with her "boyfriend"... there's just one problem... there... er... are no more rooms for male students, so he has to cosplay as Marai's female twin... you can imagine the mess ^_-

Noeru is very agressive and temperamental, but he's pretty cute in his ways. Sasa falls in love with him thinking he's a girl, and later on he keeps on being his friend.

Noeru's room-mate is Miyuh ^^ You can difference him from Maria because he always has his long artificial hair free ^^

SASA Ryuuji SASA Ryuuji:

Sasa is Noeru's classmate. He has a crush on him when he thought she was a girl, after being shockingly showed the truth he still remains as Noeru's best friend... isn't it cute? ^_-

It's discovered that Sasa and Miyuh share something else than a school later on in the story ^^

SASA Ryuuji

Hirobe-san is the coach of the basketball team, he's pretty good looking and Maria can't stand his presence without hearts in her eyes! ^o^

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