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Das Müllheizkraftwerk Bremen
Energy from Waste

Energy from Waste

Across Europe, recycling and recovering waste is becoming more and more important. In our energy-from-waste plants ‘Müllheizkraftwerk Bremen’ (MHKW) and ’Mittelkalorik-Kraftwerk’ (MKK), swb Entsorgung provides international customers with some of the total capacity of 850,000 tons annually. Energy-from-waste operations focuses on pretreated fuel generated from waste, called RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) which is covered by the two EWC 19 12 10 and 19 12 12 . Deliveries are primarily made by ship to a dedicated quay at the MKK, but also by truck. Both energy-from-waste plants have ideal traffic links to the A 27 motorway nearby and therefore good connections to the ferry terminals.


Michael Bartels swb Entsorgung
Michael Bartels

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waste to energy

With our own quay for unloading seagoing vessels on the premises of the ’Mittelkalorik-Kraftwerk’ (MKK) in the industrial port, we can offer international customers both an affordable and environmentally friendly logistics solution for energy recovery of fuel generated from waste. Ships that are capable of carrying loads of up to 3,500 tons can call at the quay and are unloaded immediately. Thanks to the temporary storage space for bales, swb Entsorgung’s waste management system can handle peak demand at any time and guarantee on-time unloading of the ships. Our maxim is to unload from the ship directly to the plant and notification ends when the cargo reaches the power plant. Also in Bremen our own energy-from-waste plant MHKW is located just seven kilometres away, offering added reliability in terms of waste recovery.

Good delivery options by truck

Bulk RDF deliveries by truck are no problem in either plant. swb Entsorgung offers tailor-made solutions for international businesses for baled waste deliveries on Tautliners and in shipping containers.

Pre-consent status and high-energy efficiency in both plants

Both recovery plants have pre-consent status, making notifications for terms of up to three years possible. Bremen authorities have certified that swb Entsorgung is permitted and entitled to accept RDF from abroad in both energy-from-waste plants. The two recovery plants fulfil the requirements of the European Waste Framework Directive on recovering energy from waste and easily comply with the R1 factor thanks to their high level of energy efficiency. As a result, swb Entsorgung supports customers from other European countries in achieving their zero-landfill strategies. And particularly where sufficient recovery and recycling capacities are not available locally. Both energy-from-waste plants offer state-of-the-art waste recovery.

Stringent demands on health, safety and environment issues

In addition to reliable waste recovery and disposal, swb places stringent demands on health, safety and environment issues. We have an environmental-management and safety system and voluntarily comply with the rigorous requirements of the EC Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). We place enormous emphasis on ensuring the safety of processes, employees and the environment.

Long-standing expertise

swb Entsorgung is a subsidiary of the regional energy supplier swb AG. As power-plant operators, we have been on the market for over 100 years. Our expertise in energy-from-waste, recovery and disposal, waste management, as well as in generating and using electricity and heat, add up to a well-run operation and the associated high levels of efficiency.