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swb organisiert eine umfangreiche Logistik für die Entsorgung.
swb Entsorgung
Logistics - a one-stop shop

A one-stop solution for thermal waste treatment and logistics

swb Entsorgung also has years of experience in waste logistics. We collect RDF by ship or truck directly from the customer – on time, reliably and at standard market prices. You can focus on your core business. We’ll do the rest – from transportation to turning waste into energy and finally issuing recovery certificates. All from one single source. Our team’s expertise and stable partnerships with our logistics service providers, all of whom are certified as specialist waste management companies, ensure process quality in waste management.


Michael Bartels swb Entsorgung
Michael Bartels

T +49 421 359-6635

Monday to Thursday
8.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

8.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.

Our own quay for transport by ship

Waste to energy 2

Our logistics focus on transport by ship because the MKK has its own quay. Here the ships can dock at the power plant, notification ends directly with the recovery facility. No further transportation on public roads is necessary. At the quay, we can accept RDF in bales in ships capable of loading up to 3,500 tons. swb Entsorgung also has a bale storage space directly on the pier, guaranteeing fast unloading, regardless of operations in the plant.

Various delivery options by truck

The handy location of both plants to the A 27 and therefore short distances to the ferry terminals make affordable logistics solutions possible, also for trucks when requested by our customers. Especially for international business, we can accept RDF in bales on Tautliners and in shipping containers and have the required unloading equipment to do so.

Reliable thermal waste treatment

The MHKW and the MKK are seven kilometres apart. Therefore, we can easily cover peaks in waste disposal. Both energy-from-waste plants have temporary storage space. The bale storage is situated directly on the premises of the MKK in the industrial port. With the fast and flexible diversion of truck traffic to the other plant, we have an important method of guaranteeing very reliable waste management to our customers.